Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Alex Kurtzman, who’s presently in charge of new Star Trek projects, says that the upcoming new Star Trek series, Strange New Worlds, will return to its roots, with episodic “planet-of-the-week” stories and the bright optimism for the future that made The Original Series so endearing (and enduring).

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will follow the adventures of Captain Pike, Spock, and Number One, aboard the original USS Enterprise, before Captain Kirk took command following Pike’s injuries from delta radiation. All three of these The Original Series characters were seen in Star Trek: The Original Series pilot episode, The Cage, although both Pike and Number One were dropped, and William Shatner brought in as Captain Kirk for the show’s original 2.5 year (it was supposed to be 5 year…) mission.

There has been no announcement as to when Strange New Worlds will premier, and production has been delayed due to COVID-19. However, it’s looking more and more like the new series will indeed be a return to Gene Roddenberry’s original vision.

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