My Books

The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard

Detective Aldicus Vescard knows all too well the monsters and madmen who prowl the fog-veiled streets of Corradon.

He is, after all, a monster himself.

Cursed in his errant past, his body harbors an infernal fiend of pure elemental chaos, clawing to break free and destroy all that he holds dear.

But crime ever turns in the Clockwork City, and none are more suited to investigate those sinister deeds of criminal sorcery than the city’s greatest detective magus.

With his loyal apprentice and a host of street-smart allies, Aldicus faces a crucible of villainy with only his wits and the science of forensic alchemy to aid him.

The Siege Chronicles

Sell-spell sorcerers, vampire operatives, killer automatons, and a heist to nab a legendary dragon stone… It’s all in a day’s work for Davrick Caliburn.

Siege Chronicles: The Complete Series brings together all six novellas into a single epic volume recounting the high-flying, gun-blazing, spell-blasting adventures of Davrick Caliburn, Sid Voltelion, and Talyaana Rae.

Taking place during the momentous events of the world-spanning War of Wars, the intrepid mercenary team finds themselves caught up in one death-defying battle after another.

Along the way, they pick up a host of allies, forming a rag-tag band of renegades determined to bring an end to the diabolical machinations of the shadowy Tenebrean Order.

The War of Wars Saga

“The War of Wars Saga” is current in development. Planned as a five part series of full-length novels, “The War of Wars Saga” will cover the major events taking place during the epic War of Wars between the tyrannical forces of the Grand Imperium and the free kingdoms of Ambricar, the Commonwealth, and Suddaea.

Please stay tuned for details!

Metal Storm: 2380

I created the world of Metal Storm: 2380 over 25 years ago and have not updated either the stories or the role-playing game since then. The game itself was based on Mekton Zeta RPG game system (which is no longer published, as far as I know), and so it’s of little use to anyone who does not already have the Mekton Zeta books.

However, am I currently updating the Metal Storm: 2380 stories have plans to eventually publish them in eBook form. I do not know when it might be complete, as I am currently focused on the stories taking place in the steam-fantasy setting of Mythania. But stay tuned for details.