Star Wars Andor, Skeleton Crew, and Willow

Star Wars Celebration 2022 is going on now, and they just announced a number of great new things! Of course, the new Obi-Wan series is not a new announcement, as it’s coming out in just a day or so. But they also announce the release date for Star Wars: Andor, coming out August 31st! Just in time for those of us going to DragonCon to not see it in time! Oh well.

In a big surprise to me, they announced another new Star Wars series called “Skeleton Crew.” I have no idea what that series might be, and the only information is that it is live-action, and it’s about some kids. Hmmm. But from title it sounds like it might be fun. Who knows.

Finally, in non-Star Wars new, they announced a new Disney+ series which is a sequel to the fantastic 1988 movie Willow. And best of all, Warwick Davis reprises his role as Willow Ufgood!

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