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The Strange Aliens of Abiogenisis

It has often been said that no human being can conceive of creatures that are truly alien to our world and to our experience. That is why so many aliens in science fiction basically just look like humans with prosthetics or, at […]

DIY Vintage PC

Some people (like myself) prefer to modify their PC cases to suit their aesthetic. But for this fellow, that’s small potatoes. Matt of DIY Perks knows how to build a steampunk PC. A real steampunk PC. From scratch. That’s right, using leather, […]

New “Picard” Series Starts This Week!

The new Star Trek mini-series “Picard” starts this week! I don’t really have much more to say about it, other than to state the fact that I’m excited! I’ve been watching “Star Trek: Discovery,” and while I don’t think it’s terrible, it […]

Accurate Science in “The Expanse”

“The Expanse” is among my favorite sci-fi shows, and probably my favorite that is currently on going. One thing I really love about “The Expanse” is how accurate they try to keep the science. It’s not perfect, of course–there is still a […]

All New PC for an All New Year

I just finished building my new desktop PC! Building computers has been a hobby of mine since the early 1990s. Apart from a brief stint as a paperboy (which I won’t count), my first job in high school was building computers for […]