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Wheel of Time Trailer!

“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend.” Such is the opening poem to the epic Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (and later Brandon Sanderson). Amazon Prime is bringing the much beloved fantasy […]

Beautiful Panorama on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover, which has been on Mars for nine years now, has just taken a great, full-color panorama of the Gale crater. You can see a the panorama video released by JPL below, and it is even narrated to explain everything […]

Siege Chronicles Audiobook Sample

Here’s a 5-minute preview clip for my Siege Chronicles audiobook. If you’re interested in giving it a listen, just click the video to play. And make sure your audio is on, because this is an audiobook after all. If you are interested […]


Siege Chronicles on Audible

Siege Chronicles audiobook is now available for sale at Audible! Narrated by the talented Michael Reimer, Siege Chronicles recounting the high-flying, gun-blazing, spell-blasting adventures of Davrick Caliburn, Sid Voltelion, and Talyaana Rae. Taking place during the momentous events of the world-spanning War […]

Foundation Series

The latest trailer for the adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy has just come out. It looks pretty good, but I’m bummed that this series will be on Apple TV. I don’t have Apple TV and have no plan to get it. […]