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NASA Launches New Mars Rover

Exciting news in space! NASA has launched the new Mars Rover “Perseverance” and the craft is now safely on its way to Mars. Perseverance, aka “Percy,” will reach Mars in February 2021, and (hopefully) land safely in Jezero Crater. Perseverance is designed […]

Cover Art for “Mercenary Siege”

Here’s the cover art for my upcoming book, Mercenary Siege, Book 2 of the Siege Chronicles. The illustration was made by Guillem H. Pongiluppi, who does excellent fantasy illustrations with darker tones. Check out his portfolio on ArtStation, especially his work on Solomon […]

Brandon Sanderson on Writing and Rejection

Brandon Sanderson, who is widely considered the current reigning champion of modern fantasy epics, may seem to be the last person to have suffered endless streams of rejection letters from agents and publishers. In fact, before he was published, Brandon Sanderson wrote […]

Battle-Train Siege Released

Battle-Train Siege, Book 1 of The Siege Chronicles, is available for purchase now on Amazon.com. A bounty hunter with a price on his head, Davrick Caliburn must evade the sorcerous reach of the Grand Imperium. Never mind the fact that his new […]

Henry Cavill Assembles His Own Gaming PC

Apparently, famed actor Henry Cavill (aka Superman the Man of Steel, aka the Witcher Geralt of Rivia) is such a huge gaming geek that he assembles his own gaming PC! And what is he building? I can’t see what all the parts […]