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Animated Thrawn Trilogy Fan Series

Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy stands out as the fan-favorite Star Wars sequel that sadly never was. Up until Disney bought the rights to Star Wars and released Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the Thrawn Trilogy was considered by most fans to be […]

DUNE First Trailer

The first trailer for the upcoming Dune movie has just been released. Unlike the 1984 movie adaptation by David Lynch, this new adaptation promises to be truer to the book (i.e., no ridiculous voice-powered sonic weapons…). Judging from what I’ve seen in […]

Gearmeister Siege Released

Gearmeister Siege, Book 3 of The Siege Chronicles, is available now on Amazon.com. Having survived another death-defying battle, Davrick hopes he might finally get a chance to rest easy. But word soon arrives of a major Resistance defeat at the hands of the […]

An Honorable Mention to DragonCon

Well, DragonCon 2020 is canceled this year, due to COVID-19, apart from some virtual convention events that you can see here. I thought it might be a good time to put up this old CollegeHumor “Cosplay Catastrophe” video. Yes, it’s about Comic-Con, […]

Painting a Picture with Words

If you’ve ever taken any creative writing courses, then you’ve heard it countless times before: “show, don’t tell.” In fact, you are probably sick of hearing it. But for a beginning writer, this simple bit of common writing advice is actually quite […]