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Siege Chronicles: The Complete Series Released

Siege Chronicles: The Complete Series recounts the high-flying, gun-blazing, spell-blasting adventures of Davrick Caliburn, Sid Voltelion, and Talyaana Rae. Taking place during the momentous events of the world-spanning War of Wars, the intrepid mercenary team finds themselves caught up in one death-defying battle […]

Write What You Know? No!

One of the most common pieces of writing advice you are likely to hear is “write what you know.” In fact, “write what you know” and “show don’t tell” are parroted by English teachers so often as to reduce the advice to […]

Artwork Showcase

I would like to take a moment to showcase some of the wonderful artwork created for the World of Mythania by various talented artists from around the world. You can see all the artwork commissioned so far in the Mythania art gallery, but […]

Star Wars on Disney+

Disney just dumped an absolutely massive list of new shows coming soon to Disney+ streaming service, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing! Among many other shows, the super-stars of the announcement were those for Star Wars and the Marvel MCU. In the Marvel MCU […]

The Stormlight Archive – World of Roshar

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Brandon Sanderson, and I especially love the books of the Cosmere “super-epic” which includes the epic series of Mistborn and the Stormlight Archive (among others). The world-building, characters, and magic systems of these series […]