Questions and Answers

If you have questions about this site or anything here (or formerly here), you might find the answers on this page. If you have questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact me.

Who are you?

My name is Mark William Chase. I am a writer, programmer, and the creator of the World of Mythania. My current project, Mythania, is a steam-age fantasy world filled with wonders both magical and technological, but devastated by war. You can discover more about Mythania at

For my day job I’m a programmer and web application developer.

Please drop by my current projects page to learn more about what I’m up to.

What can I find here?

You can find quite a bit here, actually. You can drop by my current projects page to learn more about what I’m up to, or read the latest news and postings from my blog. If that is not enough, and you’re still bored, you may be interested in reading one or more of my essays—just look in the menu to the left side for a list of all the essays posted here.

Why the format change?

Those who frequented in the past will certainly notice a change. The focus of the website has been narrowed considerably, and a lot of content has actually been removed. Much of what was removed was done so for reasons of intellectual property rights, but other pages were removed since they did not lend themselves to the new focus of this site.

Most significantly, this site used to host the “The Atomik Vortex Studio”, but I have sold all rights to the Atomik Vortex games to Precis Intermedia Gaming.

I am looking for something that was here. Where is it?

As stated above, a lot of content as been removed. Many of the role-playing games on the old Meta-Earth were based on movies, television shows, or anime series which I do not have the rights too. In addition, I have now sold all rights to the Atomik Vortex Games to Precis Intermedia Gaming. Please visit them if you are looking for the Atomik Vortex books.