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“Free Guy” – The NPC Movie

The premise is simple: What happens when an NPC in a video game realizes he’s an NPC in a video game? Well, this movie seems to have the answer.

“Expanse” Recap by Kevin Smith

This is a hysterical recap of “The Expanse” seasons 1 – 3 (note: “The Expanse” is not a comedy, but Kevin Smith certainly makes it sound funny). Don’t watch this if you haven’t seen the series, as it has spoilers. Or you can watch it anyway if you don’t care...

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” Final Trailer

The final trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” has just been released. And it’s a doozy! You should keep a close eye out for cool “call-backs” to locations from Return of the Jedi, and I’m pretty sure this also confirms the return of one very evil emperor…

Build a Modern Gaming PC

Want to see how to build a modern gaming PC in 10 minutes? Well, here you go: And if that particular case and cooling solution is still not good enough for you, maybe this is more up your alley:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The long-awaited remake of “Final Fantasy 7”, considered by many to be among the greatest video games of all time, has been in development for quite a while. But now we can finally have a look at a trailer and some actual game play footage! In addition to the trailer,...

16-Bit Avengers Endgame Finale

The 16-bit version of Avengers: Endgame final battle is awesome! Note: do not watch if you haven’t seen Endgame. It is spoilery. The last half of the video shows a “making-of” where the creator of the video, John Stratman, explains how he did it. Pretty cool!

Best D&D CosPlay

Now here’s some old school Dungeons and Dragons if I ever saw it! An almost exact recreation of the old D&D Saturday morning cartoon! As cool as it might be for this to be a cos-play group, it’s actual for a car commercial from Brazil. Who knew Brazilians were so...

Teaser Trailer for Star Wars IX: Rise of Skywalker

The first teaser trailer for “Star Wars IX: Rise of Skywalker” has been released! We can’t really glean too much from the trailer, but we do see Leia, confirming that she is in the film, and see that Lando is in the film as well. The very end, though, has...