DragonCon 2017

DragonCon 2017 was the biggest DragonCon ever, with some 82,000 to 85,000 people attending! My wife went to some of the bigger media panels, but I stayed away, sticking mostly to the Science and Space tracks with some excursions to the Sci-Fi Literature track, Star Wars track, and the Writing track. But I did get to see Larry Niven, so that was cool! I didn’t get to see Stan Lee, mainly because I didn’t want to stand in a 3 to 4-hour line…

While I do have a lot of pictures, I don’t have time to go through them all, so I’ll just leave one picture here showing the crowd at the Hilton (it was nothing compared to the crowd at the Hyatt or the Marriott, but I couldn’t get a good crowd-shot picture there).

There are lots of other great articles about DragonCon 2017, so I don’t need to go into more detail. Just checkout the articles on TheMarySue, AtlantaMagazine, and Geek.com.

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