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I recently stumbled upon this rather stupendous blog called Yours in White Wine Sauce! which has nothing to do with wine or wine sauces (much to the chagrin of many visiting chefs and wine aficionados), but rather, a plethora of Victorian-esque science fiction and steampunk subject matter. The blog claims to contain general ramblings about Aeronefs, Dirigibles, Land Ironclads, Anarchists, Dinosaur Hunting, Terranefs, Aquanefs, Mad Scientists, and all manner of electric contraptions and steam conveyances. Fantastic!

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated since April of 2010, but the blog does go back all the way to February 2006,  so it’s been around a while and I’m surprised I haven’t stumbled upon it before. Oh well — it’s a big Internet, and there’s billions of people who have utterly failed to stumbled upon my blog, too.

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