Interesting Blog: Curious Expeditions

I just stumbled upon a rather interesting, weird, and wonderful little blog called Curious Expeditions ( According the site, they are “devoted to unearthing and documenting the wondrous, the macabre, and the obscure from around the globe.” While some of the posts are indeed a bit macabre, most (even the macabre ones) are fascinating, educational, wondrous, exotic, and historically and culturally enlightening. The blog goes back to April 2007, and so there is a lot to browse and click through.

I recommend you at least check out their post on A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries, which show cases dozens of pictures of some of the most beautiful libraries in the world. In addition, there’s a post on Galileo’s Middle Finger, preserved for all time in the History of Science Museum in Florence. Best of all, they have numerous posts on all manner of mechanical automatons, a healthy helping of steampunk zaniness, and some extraordinary clockpunk goodness as well.

Check it out today!

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