Blood Mountain Siege Released

Blood Mountain Siege, Book 5 of The Siege Chronicles, is available now on

With the hard-fought battles for the war-torn Baronies of Ambricar now behind them, Davrick, Sid, and Talyaana finally have a chance to catch their breath. But no sooner have they settled into their new digs than they are attacked by a coterie of vampire operatives searching for the Dragon Stone of Ethrasaur. Teaming up with the mage Athanneus and his Eldren assistant, they quickly unearth a sinister plot to awaken an unspeakable evil from a long-lost citadel-temple.

Enlisting aid from Captain Naela and her daring crew, the team sets off for the Carsovian Mountains aboard the ship Skyjammer to thwart the Tenebrean Order’s twisted bid for world domination. Beset by vampire commandos, elite Vrholv troops, and brutish mercenaries, Davrick can only hope they’re not too late to foil the enemy’s diabolical plot.

Blood Mountain Siege is the fifth novella of the six-part Siege Chronicles.

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