Sanderson’s Record Breaking Kickstarter

Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter is certainly one for the record books. Not only was it the biggest Kickstarter of all time, but it blew away the next highest one by light-years. Bringing in a whopping $41.7 million dollars, the numbers are absolutely shocking — especially since he expected a “mere” $1 million to crowdfund his four new novels.

But it really shouldn’t be such a surprise. Sanderson writes what are perhaps the best epic fantasy novels of our time. The Stormlight Archive, the Mistborn series, the Cytoverse, and, of course, he completed the last three books in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, following the author’s passing.

Swell guy that he is, Sanderson also decide to give back to the writing community following his record-Swell guy that he is, Sanderson decided to give back to the writing community following his record-shattering Kickstarter by backing every single book-related Kickstarter. They even fully-funded a few choice campaigns. In fact, he and his team backed so many Kickstarters over such a short time that Kickstarter temporarily blocked his account! (They got it cleared up, of course, and continued). Here’s the video they made of backing all those Kickstarters. It’s epic.

With all the media attention Sanderson has received, I wouldn’t be surprised if a film studio somewhere finally gets around to producing a movie or (preferably) a series based on either Mistborn or the Stormlight Archive. With the Wheel of Time series (which he co-wrote) already adapted to a steaming series, the chances of a Sanderson series coming to streaming has, in my opinion, gone from “possible” to “quite probable”.

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