Steampunk at Dragon*Con 2010

I truly regret the fact that I’m going to miss Dragon*Con 2010, and the insufferable agony is only exacerbated by the fact that there will be a motley presence of fellow steampunk frea… I mean geeks… attending this year.

From the release on Dragon*Con’s Daily Dragon:

“Don’t miss “The Steampunk Exhibition” at Dragon*Con, a showcase of the best Steampunk builders, inventors, and craftsmen from across the U.S. Featuring all the mechanical contraptions, elegant gear, and re-imagined Victorian devices, peopled by pith-helmeted British explorers and goggled Airship captains and superheroes, “The Steampunk Exhibition” will showcase the inventions, modifications, and designs of the Steampunk subculture’s most noted builders. Featured exhibitors include Doktor A, the British designer of Mechtorians, Atlanta-area designers Penny Dreadful Productions and Outland Armor, whose work has attracted worldwide notice, as well as many noted Steampunk craftsmen from across the U.S.”

Sniffle… Sniffle… Oh well. There’s always next year, I suppose.

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