Happy April Fools’ Day

Happy April Fools’ Day, the holiday that celebrates American’s hard nosed dedication to the Julian calendar during the 16th century.

Whatever the case, here in the 21st century, April Foolishness abounds on the web. First and foremost, one should begin with a healthy dose of Google’s latest beta project, Google Motion. Next, for your viewing pleasure, Hulu goes retro-flashback to the 1990’s. If you’re a Linux geek, you might be please, or displeased, to learn that Debian, Arch Linux, OpenSUSE, Grml, and Gentoo are merging to create a new distro call Canterbury (an oblique reference involving today’s date). If you’re into World of Warcraft, you’ll be thankful that Blizzard is introducing Crabby the Dungeon Helper (in the spirit of good ‘ol Clippy). If you’re craving bacon, don’t worry–you can get a bacon inhaler. Or, you could embrace your inner-geek and just get some Angry Birds Pork Rinds. Speaking of geek, if 3D movies make you sick, be sure to get a pair of DE-3D glasses to remove that annoying feature. Also of note, the Vatican’s porn collection will soon go online to raise more revenue.

For an historical perspective of past April Fools’ jokes and pranks, checkout the top 100 April Fools Jokes of all time.

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