A Natural History of the Fantastic

Ever wondered how dragons fly? An amazing new Kickstarter project is running now, A Natural History of the Fantastic by Christopher Stoll, seeking to answer just that question any many more. Exploring the fantastical biology of such beasties as griffons, minotaurs, mermaids, cyclopes, kappas, centaurs, and, of course, dragons, Christopher Stoll’s art book includes the anatomy, behavior, and origins of over 20 amazing fantasy creatures. The wonderful illustrations are each interconnected through a series of recorded histories, myths, and first-hand encounters that stress the value of exploration and curiosity in the face of superstition.

The richly illustrated book would also make an excellent gift for a child who has a keen interest in mythical creatures and natural history (age 10 and up recommend for the reading level). The expected delivery date is December 2015, and in time for Christmas.

So support an independent artist of the fantastic and pick your support pledge on Kickstarter today!


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