Equality For All

As a matter of preference, I tend to avoid topics of a political nature. But this week, the second week of May, 2012, has been a rather momentous week in terms of equal rights. North Carolina just passed their Amendment One law, officially banning same-sex marriages and all forms of domestic partnerships–a clear affirmation of the state’s desire to remain firmly entrenched in the 17th century.

On a more enlightened note, President Obama affirmed his support for same-sex marriage on ABC’s The View.

Yes, equality for all means equality for all.

For the United States to be an equal and free nation, all citizens must be granted same and equal rights without discrimination to race, gender, religion, or any other factors. Any law that discriminates on any of these factors is an unconstitutional law, and thus, laws that prohibit same-sex marriage are unconstitutional since they discriminate against couples of the same gender.

From the end of slavery and racial segregation to women’s right to vote, history has proven that the injustices of bigotry, ignorance, and discrimination cannot prevail. All it takes is a voice and courage.

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