Global Financial Meltdown, Again

Argh! The Stock Market has crashed yet again! Would some one please fix it so it will stop doing that? I mean really — how am I supposed to get that 45% annual return that I need to actual retire when I’m at retirement age if the global financial market keeps pulling these kinds of shenanigans? And it’s not like its the first time, either. No, there are plenty of other examples of this kind of thing going on.

Really, if investors would just invest, and put money into the market rather than pulling money out of the market, maybe it would drop like this. Ever think of that, all you brilliant investment gurus?

But seriously, if you have money to spare right now (which I doubt anyone who reads this does), then now is the time to invest. The stock market has evaporated all earnings for the entire year, and virtually every stock is at least 5% to 10% below its fair price (and a lot are even more under valued). Remember, the age old strategy is buy low, sell high. Well, it’s low now, so now’s the time to buy. But I’m not an investment guru — so take it from Forbes and JP Morgan.

Or if you are really pessimistic, buy heaps of gold and silver.


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