New Site and Blog!

I’ve just finished the migration of my blog (previously hosted at to this server,, and have full merged and integrated all of the contents of Meta-Earth that I intend to keep here.

Basically, this is now my official “blogging” site, although I really don’t like that word, so I’ll just call this my “official site for the posting of news and things I find of interest”. On second though, I think I’ll just use the term blogging.

At any rate, this will allow me to break free of the pathetic limitations at, and as well as narrowing down the number of web sites I have to maintain (I also have a replica of my blog at, which I shall also shut down, as it seems Google dislikes duplicated blogs). is also a lot different now, and hopefully better. If you were looking for anything here and got a “page not found” messages, it’s either because the content is moved elsewhere, or I’ve gotten ride of it. Please read my FAQ for more info.

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