Publishers Lose Trillions to Offline Book Lending

Last week, Publisher’s Weekly reported that book publishers may be loosing $3 billion a year due to online book piracy. Piffle. The same absurd arguments have, of course, been used by the MPAA and RIAA about online movie and music piracy.

$3 billion is nothing, NOTHING, compared to the trillions of dollars that have been lost to the even more pervasive schemes of offline book “lending” by so-called “libraries”. There is clear evidence that these “libraries” have been “lending” books and other copyrighted material, including CDs and DVDs, to non-paying persons for decades, at an estimate loss to publishers of $100 billion annually, or $1 trillion since the year 2000.

Read here for the full story, and prepare to be astounded! Someone must put a stop to this madness before it gets out of hand! And, of course, the madness I speak has actually nothing to do with lending books or libraries…

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