SyFy, as in "Sef-ee"

Well, the SciFi channel has finally done it. They’ve changed their name from the logical SciFi Channel to the utterly silly (not to mention mentally deficient) SyFy Channel.  Of course, with BattleStar Galactica and Stargate gone, it’s not really sci-fi any more anyway (although maybe  Stargate Universe will be something). Still, it’s sad to see the SciFi channel do this.

In protest, I say we henseforth refer to the SyFy Channel with the pronunciation of “Sef-ee”. That’s “Sef” followed by “eeee”. Sef-eeee. Got it? Good. Also, if you are so inclined, you may call it the “syphilis channel” since syfy is basically syphilis (or diseased) in some Eastern European languages (or so I hear).

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  1. saintneko says:

    I’m going to continue referring to it as a channel with terrible shows that I never watch. ^.^

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