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Ladies and gents, the evil genius Jake of all Trades has done it again. Unveiling his plans for total world domination, he has contrived a monsterfully masterful marvel of infernal engineering. This latest creation of his has been aptly dubbed the Damnation (in honor of the new PS3 game of the same name). Its brass and wood shell house an Intel i7 965 PC with a Dual Radeon cards,  1 TB hard drive, and an obscene 12 GB of RAM. Gadzooks! While it is sadly not powered by a double-reciprocating locomotive steam engine, it never-the-less looks the part in all its steampunkish glory. Behold!

But since you probably won’t be able to get it, Jake has provided these kind YouTube vidoes to highlight its construction. Perhaps you can build it yourself (and if you accidently make 2, please send me one).

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  1. mwchase says:

    Hey, that’s great. I was not aware of the other 3 videos. Fantastic! And those functioning gauges are extremely cool.

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