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For a few months now, Microsoft and Asus have been running a FUD campaign against Linux. It’s not a big campaign by any measure, but just enough to be annoying (in much the same way that a yapping chihuahua is annoying). Ironically, until now Asus has been a big supporter of Linux on their low-cost Eee PCs.

Officially, Asus points to a large number of returns, complaints, and customer confusion with regards to the Eee PCs they sold with Linux installed. That may well be true. After all, I can see how the average Joe might be confused by such a elegant and easy to use interface as the GNOME or KDE desktop on a system which already comes with a full gambit of office, graphics, email, IM, and internet applications pre-installed, when they are more used to interacting with a clunky, bloated, disorganized operating system like Windows on to which they must painstakingly load all their expensive (or pirated) proprietary software. Of course, that’s just me being sarcastic.

At any rate, the vomitous website in question is – and it is perhaps one of the best examples of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) I have seen in recent years. They shamelessly state, and I quote: “Windows helps you quickly and easily get online and connect to your devices and services – without dealing with an unfamiliar environment or major compatibility issues.” What they fail to mention is that once online your PC will be high-jacked by a trojan botnet run by the Russia Mafia, or failing that, infected by a crippling deluge of viruses and malware.

Here’s the next belching burst of blubbering blabber: “Windows delivers a dependable experience that Microsoft and a worldwide community of partners stands behind.” And another pustuous prevarication of pernicious poison: “Windows is easy to use and familiar so you can be up and running right away.” And let’s not forget the last loathsomely loquacious lie: “You can be confident that your devices and applications will work with Windows – more than any other platform.”

Really? W00T! Wind0z is da BOMB! LOL OMG Ponies!

But seriously, I’m not going to waste my time here counter-pointing these grossly misleading statements. And why should I? The truth of the matter is, Linux is not for everyone. Owning a doberman pinscher is also not for everyone, but they do make better guard dogs than chihuahuas (although chihuahuas are much more cute). The point is simply this: its all a matter of choice. We have a good, viable alternative, and that alternative is fast becoming a major contender to Microsoft’s flagship operating systems.

From a technical point of view, the Linux kernel and the overall GNU/Linux system is more stable, more secure, less bloated, and architecturally better engineered than the Windows family of operating systems. But, admittedly, that does not translate into a better user experience from a non-technical point of view. If you want a better user experience, just go with Apple and MacOS. It’s built on top of the Mach kernel, which like Linux is another UNIX-like OS, and is also more stable, more secure, less bloated, and architecturally better engineered than the Windows.

Why have I chosen Linux over Windows? It’s simply because I do not want to be bothered with spyware, malware, and viruses; because I want a stable OS that does not crash once or twice a day causing me mind-numbing frustration; because I want to cold-boot my computer to the desktop in 20 seconds or less; because I want an OS I can tweak and tune ’til my heart’s content; because I want a system that does everything I want it to and more; because I want an OS that’s not needlessly bloated, consuming all my system’s resources, but rather is fast, lean, and efficient; because I want wicked cool, wildly configurable graphical effects that Windows (and even Mac) users can only dream about; because I want an OS I can install as many times as I want on as many machines as I want without paying a dime or having to register some fifty-zillion character long authorization code with a money-grubbing monopolistic mega-corporation; because I want to see penguins, puppies, and ponies prancing playfully through pleasant plains of… whooh! I’d better stop right there.

Until recently, Microsoft has not run a large scale anti-Linux campaign, and arguably is not a large scale anti-Linux campaign run by Microsoft (it’s technically a third party). But that day will come as Linux continues to whittle away at Microsoft’s market share. The fact that Linux is becoming such a powerful force that Microsoft feels the need to run these kinds of campaigns actually makes me smile deep down inside.

If you want more information about why you should choose Linux over Windows, just visit:

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  1. Drkmage says:

    You know I’ve seen the same misleading information coming from ppl that should just know better as well. I find that it’s the lack of knowledge and pure laziness that makes them believe so.

    The only differnce in the actual running is that it takes time and an open mind to understand but that would be true as well if most of the world ran linux and looked at windows as new as well.

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