Fantastical Airships!

I just found this wonderful, picture-filled article at on assorted airship designs from the early 20th century to the modern day. Some of the airships are recently proposed designs for re-invigorating an interest in airship technology. Others are images of “airships that never were”, and while some could be called “steampunkish”, the majority are from the early atomic era, as attested by various atomic-powered airships!

Nevertheless, such designs (minus the atomic part) are of considerable interest to a steam-fantasy writer such myself. You may find them of interest as well. Such marvelous airships and dirigibles are the subject of some of my upcoming stories, as well as my in-progress novel series, for Mythania.

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  1. August 10, 2008

    […] To go along side my article on Fantastical Airships!, please allow me to present Fantasical Airships! This site includes some weird, waky, and wonderful […]

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