Steampunk Cruise?

This is kind of cool, but at the same time a bit peculiar. There is apparently a Steampunk Cruise in the works, scheduled (that’s shej-ool’d) for March of 2013, aboard Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas. Information on booking is here.

So, wow, a steampunk cruise! And now that I think about it, cruise ships do retain some of that old Victorian air, so I can see how this might work. However, while I wish them the best of luck, I have to wonder how they’ll actually pull this off. Something tells me that most steampunk enthusiasts don’t have $1300 to plop down on a cruise, no matter now cool the theme or how geeky the company (I know I don’t). Given that the ship’s capacity is over 3000, I’m pretty sure it’s not an exclusive cruise.

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