Welcome to my world!

With over 100 million blogs in the world (at least, according to Technorati who track blogs), I have no illusions that my little blog will, for the time being, suffer in the black abyssal void of obscurity from whence few blogs have every returned. But anything is possible in the fullness of time.

That said, I will introduce myself to anyone who happens to stumble in here. I am an aspiring author of fantasy fiction and science-fantasy. My current project is the World of Mythania, which you can find at Mythania.com. It is a “steam-age fantasy world” filled with wonders magical and technological, but devastated by war. I currently have a few short stories on the site, and I am working on a 5 book series.

I’m also a bit of a geek (or a nerd, depending on your definition). And so I will probably also be blogging about nerdy and geeky things, in addition to writing.

Well, that’s enough for now!

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  1. sobnyc says:


    I have a friend that once told me, “if you’re going to stumble, then stumble foward”.

    So here I am, I am a brand spanking new writer wondering about all things related to writing.

    I wanted to say hello and maybe share some stories between us.


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