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Steampunk Tesla Watch

Take a look at this cool steampunk Tesla watch from ThinkGeek. And it’s actually affordable. I’m not sure if the vacuum tubes really do anything other than light up, but it’s a nice effect. My only fear would be loosing the key used to actually wind the watch…

Make Your Own Steampunk Speakers

I wanted a pair of steampunk speakers as part of my ongoing project to steampunk-up my home office. Here are the steampunk speakers I ended up creating, which are mounted on the hutch above my desk. Do you like them? Well, you can have them! You just need to build them...

The Door at Alley’s End

My dark science fantasy short story, The Door at Alley’s End, has now been published in the February 2015 issue of Beyond Science Fiction. If you want to check it out, and read some other good stories from a few lesser known writers, then go get yourself a copy at...

Elon Musk Donates to Tesla Museum

Awesome news from Matthew Inman, creator of the Oatmeal webcomic — tech billionaire Tony Stark Elon Musk has just promised to donate $1 million dollars to the Tesla Museum at Wardenclyff! ABC News also has some information about Elon Musk’s donation as well. Hurrah! Oh, and don’t forget to checkout the Oatmeal’s...

Bartitsu: A Gentleman’s Martial Art

Have you ever wanted to know how to fight like a true gentleman of the late Victorian era? Then look no further than the gentleman’s martial art of Bartitsu, developed by Edward William Barton-Wright and made famous by the distinguished detective Sherlock Holmes.

Airship of Doom

Take a look at this awesome airship battle illustration by Alex Koshelkov. And now for the really cool part: he also posted a video of how he made it! Very impressive stuff.

Clockwork Bird Pistols

Auctioned at Christies, this pair of singing bird pistols displays phenomenal early 19th century work in clockwork automata. Apparently there are only 4 other such pistols in existence. These are pure works of art, and pure genius! And no, they are not actual “working” guns.

Airlords of Airia

Check out this short independent steampunk film, Airlords of Airia. Although the dialog is weak, and the English dubbing not so good, overall it’s a neat little 12 minute piece. It’s also just part one, apparently, and I guess they’ll be looking for more crowdfunding over at their site.

Steampunk Weapons Useless Against Fists?

Say it isn’t so! According to (parody) news site The Daily Mash, (pretend) steampunk weapons are not as effective in a fight as fists. The tale of the (fictional) altercation is quite humorous, and just goes to show that if you do enter a pub in town of Whitby dressed...