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New Force Awakens Trailer

A new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just come out, and it’s a doozy! This is the first real trailer, as opposed to a mere teaser, and it shows more of the characters and reveals more of what the story is about. Once you’ve watched the trailer,...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

The latest trailer for Star Wars: the Force Awakens is out now! This one shows a lot more of the characters than the early teaser trailer, and to be honest, is a much better trailer over all.

Star Wars vs Star Trek Epic Trailer

This is truly epic! A Star Wars vs. Star Trek “trailer” using clips from various movies and games in both franchises. It is amazingly well done, and the cuts are so seamless that I could almost believe.

Star Wars: the Force Awakens Teaser

Star Wars: the Force Awakens teaser trailer has been released! There’s too little here to really guess at the plot, characters, or story, but at least we have a few new visuals to enjoy!

Leaked Star Wars Footage!

New leaked Star Wars footage from the Frankfurt airport in Germany. And before you ask, of course it’s a joke. But it demonstrates some really good CGI work by the creators of this little film. Thumbs up!  

Star Wars Trailer Mash-up

While most of us are just waiting for the new Star Wars films to come out, some fans are still hard at work coming up with brilliant new ways to showcase the original films. One such fan-made trailer is this brilliant mash-up of the original trilogy footage to the Guardians...

Star Wars Episode VII

Now that Disney has bought Lucas Film, what should we expect for then next Star Wars films? I think these guys have a pretty good idea (and it’s pretty well done, too). But seriously, it looks like the new Star Wars films will be coming out in the summer of...

No Death Star by 2016, Says White House

The White House has just rejected a modest proposal to secure resources and funding to begin construction of a Death Star by 2016.  White House science and technology adviser Paul Shawcross shot down the idea sighting the $850 quadrillion dollar price tag, plus pointing out that the Death Star has...

Disney Buys Lucasfilm

Holy mother of Vader, Disney has just acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion! Apparently, Disney is also going to make a 7th film for release in 2015, with more films to follow every 2 to 3 years. Here’s a video interview: I guess we’ll just wait and see where this is...