Brandon Sanderson Reigns Supreme

On March 1st, Brandon Sanderson released a startling and almost terrifying video to his fans. “I’ve been lying to you, and it’s time for me to admit the truth,” he says in his video titled “It’s Time to Come Clean.” He goes on to say, “I could no longer continue working on my series and books as I always had before.” And this point, most fans were terrified he was going to announce he would be taking a hiatus from writing.

But before I say more, please watch the video for yourself. Enjoy the moment when it comes…

Beware! Spoilers below!




So now that you’ve watch the video, and picked your jaw up off the floor, get ready for your jaw to drop yet again. His new Kickstarter raised $15 million on the very first day. Right now, as I write this, it’s at $17.6 million and has 28 days to go. If it reaches $20.4 million (which I suspect it will) it will be the #1 most funded project on Kickstarter.

Holy. Moly.

So watch the video and check out his Kickstarter! It looks amazing.

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