Fusion In the Next Decade?

This is big news–really big news. Normally, I would shrug off claims about viable fusion power within the next 10 years. But this claims is not coming from some crackpot nutcase. This claim comes from Lockheed Martin; and when Lockheed Martin claims to have made a break-through, people listen.

According to Thomas McGuire, the leader of Lockheed Martin Skunk Work’s Revolutionary Technology division, they will have a working prototype of a viable fusion reactor within 5 years, and a commercially or militarily available fusion reactor (small enough to fit inside a truck, no less) within 10 years.

Take a look at their informational press release video:

For more detailed information, check out the article at AviationWeek or Gizmodo, or  Lockheed Martin’s own information page.

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