Call of Cthulhu, Silent Film

If you’re an H.P. Lovecraft fan, or if you’ve just heard passing references to Cthulhu and have always wondered what the heck it was all about, then you can’t miss this independent short film adaptation of “The Call of Cthulhu”. Unlike many other films that have been written based on H.P. Lovecraft material, such as the Re-Animator and From Beyond, the Call of Cthulhu by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society benefits from being true to the spirit and narrative of the story. Even better, it’s a black and white silent film, done just as though it was made in the 1920s (though it was of course created in 2007).

The film is currently available on Netfix, which is where I watched it, so it you have Netflix go ahead and check it out! Here’s a trailer:

If you don’t have Netflix, or if you just want to listen to the story as an audio book, you can also listen to the full story The Call of Cthulhu here.

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