Weird War Machines that Never Were

Well, here’s some weird and wacky war machines that never really were.

The Tumbleweed Tank:
Leave it to the British boffins conjure up this month-of-all-wacky tanks. The Tumbleweed Tank would have been pretty awesome, if it wasn’t so obviously impractical. Oh well. That, and it could easily be defeated by a quick whack from a giant enemy croquet mallet.
The 305mm Mobile Gun:
Ka-pow! This was a ginormous mobile cannon was obviously very big, and was self-propelled, but I have very little information beyond what is written here.

The Treffaswagen:
A German WWI design, the Traffaswagen was… well… an armored box with two humongous wheels.

The Steam Wheel Tank:
Even the name screams steampunk, doesn’t it? The steam wheel tank is pretty much an armored steam tractor, one of the early American tank designs during the WWI period.

The 150 All-American Landship:
H.G. Wells would be proud! Called the Land Monitor, this 150 ton armored behemoth would have dominated the WWI battlefield.  Sadly, it was never build–not even a prototype. Oh well.

The Tsar Tank:
Surly the most bizarre tank every designed, the Tsar Tank is a giant tricycle tank, equipped with three wheels (two huge wheels and a small one in the back) and three turrets (one main turret and two side turrets).

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