The World of Mythania

Mythania lies far beyond the world we know, a planet orbiting the golden star Solaron along with her dark sister world, Atracus, locked in an eternal celestial dance. This is a world where juggernaut war machines ravage the landscape; where stupendous air fleets dominate the skies; where mighty wizards battle enchanted automatons; and the march of progress is moved as much by gears of iron as it is by the weave of spells. Empires have come and gone through the ages, rich in both of science as well as magic. From darkness to renaissance, from wars of tyranny to eras of peace and prosperity, kingdoms have risen and nations have fallen like the cycle of the endless seasons.

Yet now, at the Turning of Ages, a new menace has cast its shadow across the world. Sinister forces threaten to rekindle the ancient war that nearly destroyed the Two Worlds a thousand years before. From beyond all the known lands; from beyond the seas and the skies, the Enemy comes not from any kingdom or nation on earth, but from above… And from so very far away.

The Short Stories

The world of Mythania has an 8,000-year recorded history; and the adventures and stories are set in various time periods throughout its history. Some stories are set in the past, and many of these are the more typical  fantasy, being set in a Medieval-type world with magic and epic adventures. Other stories, set in the distant age known as the Age of Marada and can best be described as  “science-fantasy”, being that Marada was even more technologically advanced than the modern age of Mythania. The Age of Marada ended in its cataclysmic destruction 1000 years ago, and only now, in Mythania’s “Age of Progress”, has technology begun to match that of ancient Marada.

The majority of stories are set in what is called the “Age of Progress”, which is essentially the present-day period of Mythania (1000 to 1040 of the Common Age on the Mythanian calendar). The “Age of Progress” is marked by rapid developments of advanced steam-age technology and magical devices, such as steam automatons, flying machines, airships, aetheric engines, and so forth. In the late 1030s leading up to the year 1040, the vast empire of the Grand Imperium (also known as the Dark Kingdoms) initiates a terrible war of conquest against the free nations of southern Tarrona. So begins the War of Wars…

Read some of the short stories online now

The War of Wars Series

The War of Wars, as it comes to be called, is the central conflict about which most stories set in Mythania revolve. While the short stories highlight some “snapshots” and “vignettes” from the War of Wars, it is the novel series that chronicles the conflict and follows the lives of the leaders, champions, and tyrants of the War. The Mythania Novel series originally began as a “steam fantasy” novel in 1998, which, in outlining, expanded to a three-book and then a five book series. The books have been in development for nearly ten years, and with numerous changes, revisions, and rewrites, still has a considerable way to go.

Unfortunately, I have not had great luck in getting the books published through any of the major publishing houses, so a few years back I decided to post a few short stories for free on the Internet. That idea later grew into creating a full-blown web site detailing the history, technology, and people of Mythania. However, there are no plans at this time to post the novels online. I still have hopes that they can (and will) one day be published.

A Brief History of Development

Development of Mythania began in 1998, when the idea was first conceived. Originally planned to be a 3-book novel series, it quickly became clear that a mere 3 novels would not be sufficient to convey the breadth and scope of the Mythania Universe. By 2000, I had decided to write not 3 books, but 5, as well as comprehensive information on the universe itself (a “Mythania Worldbook”). In 2003 I began to write short stories as well.

Unfortunately, in today’s publishing environment, it is virtually impossible for an unknown author such as myself to actually get published. To that end, I decided in 2005 to release some information on the Internet. That original web site became inactive for a time and I later took it down. However, beginning mid-2006 I began redeveloping the web site to publish the Mythania stories online.

Where can I read the stories?

You can read some of the short stories on the website. More stories will be released from time to time, so check back every couple of months (or more!). “Tales of Mythania” are short stories taking place in the modern period of Mythania, the so-called “Age of Progress”, and is basically steam fantasy. “Dark Chronicles” are stories that also take place in the modern period, but are set in the Dark Kingdoms, where industry and sinister magic reign supreme. The “Dark Chronicles” are heavily steampunk in flavor and incorporate science-fantasy (science-fiction fantasy) elements, as well. “Legends of Yore” are stores set in Mythania’s past, generally between the Fall of Marada (0 CA) and the modern period (1000 CA). These stories are more traditional fantasy, but some may have the occasional technological wonder (perhaps technological or techno-magical artifacts from Marada). Other stories include those taking place during the age of Marada, and these are generally science-fantasy in flavor.

Where can I read more about the World of Mythania?

Some information about the World of Mythania can also be found on the website. This blog will also host some more details on the World of Mythania as well. Look for posts on the races, nations, magic, and the technology of Mythania very soon.

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