Abney Park, Steampunk Band

Abney Park is probably one of my favorite bands, and that’s saying a lot since I’ve never been big on music for anything other than background noise. Of course, I’m a bit biased since I’m a sucker for anything “steampunk-ish”. But Abney Park has style, and they are pretty unique in the music world for the style they’ve chosen. In fact, there are only a few other steampunk bands or musicians out there that I’m aware of (the likes of Vernian Process and probably some others I’ve missed). I’ll even go so far as to say that they’ve been in inspiration in some of my writing.

Check out their video for “Airship Pirates”, from their latest album “Lost Horizons”:

And drop by their website at AbneyPark.com to check out their other songs. They have a fair number available for free download, and you can buy a pass to download all their albums (7 in all) for a very reasonable price–and best of all, every penny of the loot goes to them, the artists, and not the pockets of some greedy music exec. I give them them a full “5 clockwork gears” rating!

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